February 19, 2021

5 Major Benefits of Hiring a Creative Marketing Firm

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5 Major Benefits of Hiring a Creative Marketing Firm

As a business owner you're probably used to doing most of the work in house. But check out these money and time saving benefits of hiring a marketing firm.

Would you rather be a jack of all trades or strive to be as knowledgeable as possible about one or two key aspects of your business? Most savvy entrepreneurs would argue the latter is the better choice.

When you create a focus on a few things, you're better able to be innovative and push the boundaries within those realms. If you try to be great at everything, though, you fall short. You end up playing catch up rather than being at the front of new trends and changes in your industry.

Sound familiar?

If you've been feeling spread thin lately, it's probably time to hire a marketing firm. Paying for a group of knowledgeable, experienced professionals to take care of this need takes a huge weight off your back and allows you to invest your time and energy into other things.

As if that isn't enough of a benefit from hiring a team of creatives to do your marketing, here are 5 more things this decision allows you to do.

1. Create Better Results with Lower Investments

Say you decided to invest in marketing support for your business, but rather than outsourcing, you created an entire in-house department. This takes a significant amount of time and money. To staff a marketing department, train your new hires, and pay for all the equipment they need costs much more than any marketing service does.

Not to mention, an in-house team takes time to build. There would be a lot of guessing and checking until your new hires learned to work together and get things right.

Thankfully, you can bypass this process when you decide to work with a team of marketing professionals that is already established. Hiring a creative marketing firm doesn't just mean you get extra help for your marketing needs; it means you have access to the insight and ideas of people who live and breathe marketing.

You'll be in a much better position to create the results you're looking for, all for lower initial investment and overhead costs.

2. Learn About the Latest Trends in Marketing

Keep in mind that when you hire a marketing firm, you're not completely handing over the ropes. Rather, you're working with them. This means you're able to learn from the firm you choose to spearhead your marketing campaigns.

Make it a point to learn about the tools they're using to create your campaigns and the KPIs they've identified to track success. Ask about what software they use and how each of the different aspects of the campaign are meant to support one another.

No question is considered silly or redundant. The more you learn about the marketing work that's being done for your business, the better you and the firm you've hired will be able to collaborate.

3. Enjoy Quick Turnarounds

Another benefit of hiring a creative marketing firm is how quickly everything happens. The moment one campaign ends, another is ready to go, and your firm will likely already brainstorming the strategies your company will use after that.

Plus, any changes that need to happen are taken care of quickly, too. Firms don't just plan campaigns and leave them alone. They're constantly making edits and learning about industry trends to keep your campaigns fresh, relevant, and engaging.

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4. Get Everything Right

Speaking of making edits, keep in mind there's a fine line between small adjustments and campaigns that go horribly wrong. Working with a marketing firm means you'll be doing more of the former instead of trying to fix the latter.

These people know what they're doing. There's a very small chance that the campaigns they come up with will miss the mark. If you rely on a few in-house people to create all the marketing materials you need, though, the probability of having to go back to square one is a bit higher.

Experienced marketing firms understand the big picture. They've likely worked with other companies in your industry before, and they know how to research your target market in order to truly understand consumers.

Such insights allow a marketing firm to guide you in the right direction when writing new content, running print campaigns, building leads, and handling everything else you hire them to do.

5. Focus on Other Aspects of Your Business

The final reason to hire a creative marketing firm is to create more space in your schedule and to better allocate the talent on your team. Handing off your marketing needs to a firm means you have a lot more time to do things like build a company culture, boost sales, focus on research and development, and more.

Instead of putting so much energy into a marketing department, you may decide to hire more sales or customer support members. Maybe you don't expand your team at all and use the extra time on your hands to expand your professional network and create more partnerships for your business.

Whatever you decide to do, you'll be glad you invested in a resource that gave you the opportunity to grow your business from multiple angles. As you're putting your focus on other things, you can trust that your marketing needs are fully taken care of. Successful, innovative campaigns will be consistently running while you're working on becoming a better leader - both for your team and in the industry.

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It's one thing to understand all the benefits of working with a creative marketing firm, and another to find the best firm for you. Luckily, you don't have to search far and wide. All you have to do is reach out and discover everything DTi has to offer!

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