February 19, 2021

Turbocharge Your Digital Marketing: 9 Benefits of Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation


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Turbocharge Your Digital Marketing: 9 Benefits of Marketing Automation

Marketing is constantly changing every day. If you're not keeping up with the trends, you're falling behind the competition.

With marketing automation, you can maximize your time. Instead of falling behind the competition, you can make strides to get ahead.

53% of companies surveyed were using marketing automation in 2017, and 37% said they were planning to use it.

If you're still on the fence, keep reading and discover the benefits of marketing automation that could help your business!

1. Empower Your Team

Doing the same, repetitive tasks day in and day out is exhausting. This can leave your team feeling drained and impact their creativity.

By removing these repetitive tasks, you can let your team work to their full potential. 

They can finally get their creative minds rolling again! 

Marketing automation benefits your ability to gather analytics, too. Once your team has these reports, they can work with confidence to improve their campaigns.

If you're on a tight budget, automated marketing can also help you expand your team's capabilities without hiring new employees. Instead, your current team can spend their time developing new skills.

By expanding their capabilities, you're letting your team members learn and grow new skills. As you empower and strengthen your team, you can also grow your company, too!

2. Improve Workflow Productivity

61% of small businesses invest in social media marketing. Unfortunately, posting on every platform multiple times a week can steal valuable time from your day.

Marketing automation can help you create more efficient workflows.

Even a strong team of marketing experts lag behind. A messy workflow can slow everyone down. Time is money, and you don't have time to waste.

Chances are, you and your team already know a few areas where you can make improvements. Take a look at the current workflow together. What's stealing time away from your schedule?

With automated marketing, you can cut out areas that waste your time. Once you streamline each workflow, you're cutting wasted spend, too.  

3. Create a Seamless Customer Experience

If you're still wondering why use marketing automation, let's talk about your customers.

Marketing automation can help you set up behavior-based triggers within your campaigns. For example, you can automatically send customers an email after they fail to complete a purchase. The email reminds them of their previous activity, giving you a second chance to make a sale. 

Like website personalization, automated emails help improve customer experience.

A strong customer experience can help you connect with your customers. When your customers feel like you care, they share their happy experience with friends and family members. That word-of-mouth is a strong marketing tool on its own.

Marketing automation can streamline the customer experience so you develop lasting relationships with your customers.

4. Generate Better Leads

Lead generation is essential to helping your business grow.

Automating numerous marketing campaigns can help you improve lead generation strategies. 

Using the data from your automated campaigns, you can learn more about your customers and their behaviors. From there, you can make improvements on your website designed to attract more leads. 

5. Nurture Leads

Once you attract new leads, you need to nurture them. 

It's not enough to get someone to sign up for an email subscription. Nurturing leads can help you turn those website visitors and subscribers into paying customers. 

Better yet, you can improve your customer retention, too. You've worked so hard to attract these leads. By retaining them, you can turn one-time customers into repeat business.

Automation allows you to learn more about your customers. That intelligence can help you predict their needs and decisions. Then, you can create stronger marketing campaigns to bring your customers back again. 

6. Unite the Sales & Marketing Teams

Sometimes, there's a divide between the sales and marketing teams. Unfortunately, this can make it difficult for your campaigns to work successfully.

Marketing automation helps bridge the gap. By improving your workflow and using the same tools, the two teams can find an overlap. This will improve lead quality and customer retention so you can increase revenue long-term.

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7. Get Data and Make Smarter Decisions

It's difficult to make smart decisions without data to back them up.

Marketing automation makes it easier for you to collect the data you need. This data can show you the success and failure of specific campaigns. You can even use A/B testing to determine what assets and techniques work best.

Marketing automation brings all of this data onto one dashboard. You can study the data, create reports, and find solutions to costly problems.

Once you have this data, you can optimize your campaigns to work more effectively.

8. Maximize Your Team's Time

Trying to juggle numerous marketing campaigns at the same time can lead to sacrifices. Certain projects might lack attention to detail or the creativity they deserve. 

One of the benefits of marketing automation is your ability to maximize your time.

Little tasks, such as posting on social media or sending out emails, stack up. Every time you turn your attention towards these repetitive tasks, you're losing valuable time better spent elsewhere. 

There are only so many hours in a day. Marketing automation benefits companies by freeing up time.

Automating even a few tasks can give you an extra hour in the day.

Once you win this time back, you can focus your attention on tasks that require strategic and creative thinking.

9. Boost ROI

Making mistakes with your marketing can get costly, quickly. If you're not optimizing your marketing campaigns, you're losing money. 

One benefit of marketing automation is that it improves your ROI.

When your staff isn't doing repetitive tasks (and repeating the same mistakes), you can streamline the process. You can also cut staff costs and work more efficiently with the team you have. 

Your team will have more time to focus on adding value to your business. With this improved ROI, you can invest in your team and grow your business.

Make it Automatic: 9 Benefits of Marketing Automation

Get automating! Marketing automation can streamline your workflow process, improve lead generation, and ultimately boost your business. Without it, you're falling behind the times.

Looking for ways to improve your team's efficiency? Contact us today to start automating your marketing.

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