February 19, 2021

You Need Rankings: 9 of the Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Startups

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You Need Rankings: 9 of the Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Startups

Are you looking to start a new business?

The United States houses over 30 million small businesses which make up 99% of USA’s businesses. Seeing many businesses take off often gives inspiration to others to start up theirs. For the most part, they find enough success to keep them going.

However, a lot of these businesses end as soon as they launch. You can chalk this up to poor marketing skills. To prevent that, you have to adapt to how marketing works in this day and age, this means looking up digital marketing for startups and what makes them work.

Looking up digital marketing strategies will help your business gain traction in the early stages. With so many startup strategies posted online though, how do you know you’re doing the best ones for your business?

Read what’s below to find out the 9 best strategies for businesses today.

1. Social Media Marketing

To start, let’s talk about one of the easier ways to market your business. Social media marketing involves one of the biggest reasons why people go online... to check on their social media profiles.

This type of marketing allows you to put yourself out in the public. This allows anyone to view your advertisements so long as you’re posting it out as a public status.

What’s great about this type of marketing is that it allows your business to get seen by anyone online. This makes for a broader audience!

2. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the act of optimizing your website and webpages for them to appear higher up when someone does an action in search engines. Employing this as a digital marketing for startups accomplishes two things at one time. It future proofs your website while making it marketable on its own.

This makes it a cost-effective digital marketing strategy. There are also different ways for you to raise your SEO score, making it one of the better marketing strategies. Regardless of which method get used to market your business, you can expect an increased ROI for your website.

3. Influencer Marketing

One of the trendier strategies storming the marketing scene today is influencer marketing. This involves you paying a fee to an influencer to advertise your brand.

Influencers often have a large audience subscribed to them. For the most part, their audience supports whatever and whoever they support, hence the name “influencer”.

This can cost you a pretty penny but the price is often worth it. They can get you a lot of exposure for your startup. The results depend on the influencer you choose to employ.

To get the best results, make sure the influencer you have in mind has a large audience. It’s also worth making sure the influencer tackles topics related to your brand. This increases the chance of getting followers and new customers as time goes on.

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4. PPC Marketing

Pay-Per-Click marketing is one of the easiest and most surefire marketing campaigns for startups. Going for this marketing strategy allows you to get instant results for your ads. This is because they’ll appear on top of search pages even before websites with good SEO.

What’s great about PPC marketing is that you’re in control of your budget here. You will only spend on your ads as long as someone clicks on them. Once your budget for PPC ads gets fulfilled, your ad gets removed from search results.

5. YouTube Marketing

YouTube marketing revolves around the most engaging form of media, videos. Videos catch the viewer’s attention in an instant. 

It also helps that YouTube is the second-largest social media platform to date. Getting good videos uploaded to YouTube will give you strong chances for your startup. You need to keep in mind though that making your video worthy of a click is a different challenge.

For this, you need to make your title interesting and your thumbnail engaging. Optimizing your video to fit these criteria often means you need to research your audience.

6. Viral Marketing

This type of marketing is more of a hit-and-miss situation. 

For this, you need to keep cranking out content for consumption. You must put a unique twist on these to increase the chance of it becoming viral.

Viral marketing relies on groundbreaking methods spun into your ads and content. The point of these is to impress anyone who may see it. If you’re successful with this, you’ll find overnight success for your startup.

7. Content Marketing

Looking to establish your business as a trustworthy brand? If so, then it’s wise to start investing in content marketing as soon as possible.

Getting a head start on sharing quality content speeds up the trust-building process. Your audience will see your brand as one who provides the best content with reliable info.

This is also a great way to partner up with other businesses. Sharing their content is a great way to establish relationships with other brands. Seeking them out early allows you to build your professional relationship sooner.

8. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a surefire way for you to boost income and website traffic. This is because you refer your products to capable sellers and leave the rest to them. Affiliates will likely be better at selling products to consumers.

This allows you to focus on production rather than marketing. All you need to do is entrust your products to them and pay them their dues by the end of each sale.

9. Email Marketing

One of the most important and underrated marketing strategies is email marketing. This has some of the highest ROI among marketing strategies, which makes it a lucrative business strategy for the long run.

Another reason this is a great marketing strategy is that it’s a concise one. Readers will be able to tell what the email is about even before they open it. This gives each click a good chance of getting more traffic to your website.

Ensure Success with Digital Marketing for Startups

Knowing the importance of digital marketing for startups ensures your brand’s success. Choose among the best strategies now and get started today!

Looking for professional digital services like web design and marketing? Contact us here and we’ll set you on the road to success!

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