June 2, 2021

Are your Ads not Converting Leads Right Away? Google Remarketing Ads are the Solution

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Are your Ads not Converting Leads Right Away? Google Remarketing Ads are the Solution

Looking to improve your quantity of ad leads? We can show you a strategy to form a lead generation campaign that ultimately will boost your number of leads! 

Our first suggestion is to create a compelling offer that will catch the attention of the customer and get them thinking about if they want to look further into your product. It works as an incentive for interacting with your website. 

Some examples of incentives for this situation include: a percentage off first order, free delivery, and free trial. Anything that would give some benefit to the customer would work since a majority of people are looking for a deal. When up against competitors, the consumer could make their decision ultimately based on who has the better deal. Offering an incentive upfront will help them remember your business for the future. 

The next step is to create a landing page, which is where the consumer will be directed after clicking on your ad. Typically, the conversion rate is higher on a landing page compared to a website. It also allows you to gather information about the lead so you can follow up on them via email or text.

 The landing page is a win-win for the consumer and the business since the consumer can receive deals for just signing up, and your business can keep them informed about information.

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After you have an offer and landing page, you can begin to create remarketing ads on Google Ads. Google Ads can allow your ad to be seen on the web when any consumer browses after visiting your website. After they visit your site, your remarketing ad will pop up on other websites that they visit. Remarketing is also cheaper than traditional CPC searches because it is traffic driven.

It usually takes the consumer 6 to 8 clicks to become a customer, meaning they may interact a few times with your site before committing, so it's crucial to have that remarketing ad hit them again and pursued them to convert.

If you are ready to increase conversions with remarketing, Dot The i Creative is the team to partner with. We are Google certified, understand how to maximize audiences and how to keep putting your brand in front of potential customers. Click the link below to schedule a meeting.

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