June 2, 2021

The Secret to Instantly Get More Phone Calls and More Conversions... Google Call-only Ads

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The Secret to Instantly Get More Phone Calls and More Conversions... Google Call-only Ads

Do you want to increase calls to your business? Call-Only Ads can offer you more calls to your business as well as reduce the amount you are spending on ads. 

Call-only ads offer a direct way for your customers to speak to you instantly. Instead of a search ad that gives other information in the ad, a call-only ad displays just the name and number to contact a business.

This form of advertising is recommended for when customers are searching on their phones and want a response right away. 65% of people prefer to talk over the phone about inquiries for a purchase. Some examples of businesses that can utilize this strategy well include doctors and dentists offices, restaurants, lawyers, and emergency services.

Many times when these services are searched, the customer wants fast results, which is why the phone number displayed is so convenient for them. Another benefit of call-only ads is how quick the set up time is. Your business will be able to see results in just a few days. 

When you formulate your ad groups, try to only include about 10 keywords. Also, by having it organized, it will increase your CTR, lower your CPC and boost conversion rates. 

The best way to have leads when starting a call-only campaign is to use Exact and Phrase Match Keywords. Exact Match provides a way to feature your ad when a specific phrase is searched. 

For example, if someone searches, “Doctor Near Me”, then your ad will come up when searched for that exact phrase. With Phrase Match, your business’s ad will come up if the words in the keyword phrase are searched for.

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You should also have a list of negative keywords that you will want to avoid when creating your ad groups. 

It is also important to include an ad copy that reflects the urgency of calling. If the customer is looking to call your company, then your ad copy should make it seem like they should call right away. Examples of this include headlines like: “Call Now for a Limited Time Offer”, and “Make an Appointment in 2 Minutes”. Headlines like these will incline the customer to act fast. 

Many people interact with ads on a mobile device, so it’s also important to advertise on mobile platforms to increase overall engagement.

When advertising your call only ads, try to utilize the location extension. You will see better results when you include your location since the customer can see where you are located. 

We also suggest that you set up an ad schedule to determine when someone will be able to answer the phone. You would not want to spend the time and money on this tactic to have it not be successful due to no one answering the phone.

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