June 2, 2021

It’s NOT Complicated: The Unique Relationship between SEO and Social Media

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It’s NOT Complicated: The Unique Relationship between SEO and Social Media

Integrating Social Media with your SEO Campaign. We will give you insight on how to utilize both in effective ways. 

Social media marketing refers to posting and sharing your content on different social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the purpose of exposing your content and letting people interact with it.

SEO refers to the process of making your website and content more viewable to people searching for things related to your business with the end goal of gaining online traffic. 

Both have different strategies, but a very similar end goal of getting exposure for your business to accumulate customers. Utilizing these two marketing strategies effectively will allow you to dominante the marketing world and boost your business. We can show you how to integrate social media management and search engine optimization successfully!

Recently, search engines have been picking up how influential social media is on things that people search. This being said, some search engines such as Google are utilizing social media data to determine search results rankings. 

It is beneficial for your website to include social media handles and links to encourage your audience to interact with your content outside of your website. The more interaction with platforms tied to your business, the better rankings you will have in the future. 

Since there is an overlap between search engines and social media, try to incorporate similar keywords on all platforms that you are posting. This can ensure that you have a brand voice on several platforms, and the repetition of messages will stick with people that interact with your content.

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Even though posts on social media do not directly accumulate SEO authority since there are no-follow links, you can incorporate URL links in the profile bio. This does count as a follow link and can help boost your SEO when people interact with it from your social media platforms.  

Incorporate links from your website onto content that you post on platforms that involve sharing. Sharing your content will also share your links which can ultimately increase traffic back to your website. By creating your social media profiles to mirror the content on your website, you can generate more traffic on things that you were already posting. 

For your content sharing to be truly valuable for your website, you need to build up your audience on your social media sites. The more followers and fans you have, the better opportunity your content will have to reach more people.

 Your content can effectively reach a wide range of audiences by having a good amount of followers behind your business. To accumulate more followers, it starts with great content creation that will incline your audience to share it to their followers and so on. 

Social media also provides a huge platform for building relationships with your followers, and other people or businesses that could promote your business. This can open the door for link-building opportunities with people that you can connect with. 

The more traffic you can gain from social media, the more that it will make your website and brand look credible. This will ultimately help to gain higher result rankings.

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