June 2, 2021

Social Media Copywriting: Top Tips to Write Engaging Content for Every Social Media Platform

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Social Media Copywriting: Top Tips to Write Engaging Content for Every Social Media Platform

Writing a social media post vs. writing a social media post that will resonate with your audience are two different things.

Are you utilizing social media in an effective way? We have a few tips on how to create content for different social media channels. 

Majority of businesses use social media to promote and expose their content to gain interactions and accumulate potential customers. Knowing how to effectively manage every account, and knowing what to post on each channel can be frustrating though. 

Each channel has a different audience; therefore, it is important to know what to post on which channel. We will highlight the top 5 most popular social media channels, and explain what type of content works best. 

The most popular social media channel is Facebook. Facebook is used by a very wide range of ages and personalities, which makes it a great platform to use for any business. More specifically, Facebook has the highest amount of age 65+ activity compared to other channels. This offers a great platform for creating content to repurpose for other channels. 

It is important to make sure that the formatting for your post is correct to the channel to which you are posting. Facebook is different in the way that you tag compared to Twitter and Instagram. Also less text involved in the post engages the viewer more since they have to read less. The posts with the most activity tend to have the least amount of words. 

Facebook is the highest utilized social media platform among adults according to Pew Research Center’s 2016 Social Media Update.

Facebook is also a great platform for including links to blogs and videos. This type of content is interesting to most viewers if the description appeals to your audience. Most viewers will be drawn into a post when it resolves a problem that they may have, or if it answers a question. Viewers are also more inclined to engage with the post if it is 80 characters or less. Less text allows viewers to focus more on the visual content resulting in a higher amount of engagement.

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Twitter is another popular social media channel that is more involved within the adult audience.

Tweets are usually quick 120-130 character posts that people can repost, like, and comment.

Hashtags are also very popular to use when posting content on twitter. If people are searching for a specific topic, they can search a hashtag. If the same hashtag is featured in your tweet, the viewer may easily come across your post. Ultimately, hashtags generate more engagement for a post. 

This being said though, try to limit the number of hashtags on your post to just one or two. Most tweets with only one or two hashtags receive greater engagement compared to tweets with 3 or more hashtags. Twitter is also a great platform for promoting things for your other social media channels. 

LinkedIn also provides a way to distribute content, but for business related posts. LinkedIn is a great channel to connect with other people that may be interested in doing business with you, or anyone looking to join your team. 

This channel also is great for posting full text and images related to your business. The character limit for this platform is 100 for headline and 40,000 for the body. You can directly cite the original author, and viewers can interact with your content from a platform that is not where it was originally posted. You can easily syndicate your content on LinkedIn for viewers to see. 

Instagram also has a high involvement of online usage from adults. This is where most people post visually appealing content, and not a lot of words. They do offer a place to put a caption, but we recommend that it stays limited to 2-3 lines. This is because this channel is mainly used by people who want to see visuals and read less. 

You can also include @mentions and hashtags to create more engagement on your posts. You can use more hashtags on this channel since people mainly interact with posts from hashtags. We recommend no more than about 8, but 7 tends to create the most engagement. Instagram also offers a way to post stories just like on Snapchat, but for a wider audience and with better editing features.

Snapchat is very popular for the younger ages and adults. The character limit is 80 characters per post since this app is meant for brief, quick visual posts. It allows you to see who views your content, and you can post an array of things from videos, pictures and include links and even create ads

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