February 1, 2021

6 Top Tips on Utilizing Backlinks to Increase Traffic to Your Website

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6 Top Tips on Utilizing Backlinks to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Have you ever thought about how backlinks could increase your website’s rankings to generate higher amounts of traffic on your website?

By the end of this blog, you will have a better understanding of how backlinks will increase your website’s authority to see higher rank results!

Accumulating backlinks is a difficult task to complete without the right tools, but knowing how to implement the right strategies can give you successful outcomes. DTi Creative can help get you on the right track towards boosting the rankings for your website with these tips.

Choosing the Right Websites for Backlinks

The first thing to consider are links that you want your website to avoid. The backlinks that you use can benefit your SEO in a positive way to increase the activity with your website, but some can have little to no effect. It is important to make sure that the backlinks connecting to your website are referring to high domain authority websites, not low authority spam websites. Google’s Search Console and Ahrefs offer ways to view what type of websites are linking to your website. You want to stay clear of websites with low domain authority, spam ratings, and irrelevant content to avoid harmful rankings. Some of the tools to detect if the websites linked to your website have negative signals are Moz, Aherfs and SEMRush.

Social Media Is Important

Next is to build out brand signals with social profiles. Accumulating brand signals through social media profile links can lay down a great foundation for your website. This strategy is easy to do if your company is active on social media platforms and if you produce content on your website. If this is not the case, you can easily set up profiles on popular social media platforms to utilize your own exposure. Being active on social media relates back to Google, resulting in higher SEO. Social media also gives your content more activity through shares of your content. The downside to this strategy though, is how this process can take awhile to manually set up every social media profile throughout different platforms in a way that makes them synchronized in content. Since building out brand signals can be so beneficial in the long run, we can take care of this hassle for you so you can focus more on your own business. Overall the buildup of social media links and content sharing will, in the end, boost your website traffic.

Get Guest Bloggers Involved

Guest blogging is also an important way for your link-building strategy. Guest blogging is a SEO technique in which someone posts blogs on other websites to promote his or her brand or company. This technique can be hit or miss depending on how you use your content. If your content awkwardly includes a link, this could make it obvious that your material was only intended to be posted for your company’s exposure. In this case, some editors will remove your link or even delete the post. To ensure that this is avoided, start by creating great content for your own website that is something worth linking to for other companies or organizations. The higher word count, the better since search engines like Google look for higher word count when positioning results. Guest blogging can result in high-value backlinks since they focus on publications with a high domain authority. It is recommended to have a domain authority of 10 or higher. DTi Creative can look into your domain authority, as well as your competitor’s, to see if the links have high or low domain authority. To ensure the most value for your links, review that the links on your targeted website are follow links and not no-follow links. Firefox offers a free extension called NoDoFollow that can detect if the links are follow or not. After checking the links, reviewing the domain authority and writing great content with a link, the next step is to email a pitch to an editor of your desired website. The more content relating to your company on other websites will lead to your end goal of higher rankings!

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Images Can Make a Big Impact

Creating and sharing infographics are ways to build up content exposure. Sharing images are easy and effective ways to share content since images are visually appealing and do not take a long time to be absorbed. Since people love to share images, this form of content sharing is highly recommended by distributors. Infographics are one of the best forms of content images, which includes data on specific topics or simple ways to resolve a common problem. The titles to the infographics are what reel the viewer in to interact with your content. DTi Creative can help generate title ideas for your content to make it stand out to viewers. The content that you use for your infographics should mainly focus on tips that the viewer can relate to, as well as other reliable data. Websites such as Canva, Fiverr, and 99designs also offer ways to create infographics. Once you have your content, gather a list of blogs to your liking that have a good domain authority and could provide your company a potential backlink. Email your pitch to these blog providers to see who is interested in sharing your content. Once the providers agree to feature your infographics, you will have another backlink to your website.

Consider Blog Contributors

Another way to build up more backlinks to your website is by looking into LinkedIn for blog contributors from huge publications. By looking into who writes for the websites that you like, you can reach out to them and see if they would be interested in contributing to your website. LinkedIn features many contributors from different types of publications, so you will most likely be able to find one that could be a great resource. If you reach out to them in a friendly manner, it could build a relationship that both the contributor and your company could benefit!

Write Testimonials

The last tip that we have to offer is to write testimonials. Some of the previously mentioned strategies occur with time for the best results, but this strategy is simple, quick and effective. All that you need to do is come up with a list of business partners, customers, or other high regarded websites that would let you write a testimonial for them that could include a link to your website. Reach out to these people and then write a testimonial for whoever gets back to you. This is a great and easy way to gain more backlinks for your business in a short amount of time.
The end goal is to hopefully gain as many backlinks from these strategies as possible. You could even set a goal to gain 100 backlinks in a month, which can be very doable through the tips that we have discussed. With time, hard work, and effective strategies, you can fulfill this goal in about 30 days. DTi Creative has the right tools to get this job done within a timely manner. Contact us about any help that you need and we can make this goal a reality for you!

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