June 2, 2021

How to create a Killer Sales Page and Boost Traffic & Conversions!

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How to create a Killer Sales Page and Boost Traffic & Conversions!

If you are selling a product or service, you cannot have any sales without a sales page that explains what you are selling. A sales page is intended to provide information about what you sell, as well as give a platform for potential customers to interact with offers. 

Instead of grouping all your products or services on one page, create separate pages for each description to improve your Search Engine Optimization. This will allow Google to rank each page when someone searches for it, and it will be easily accessible for the customer. The simpler it is for the customer to navigate, the longer they will most likely stay attentive to your page. 

Depending on what you are selling, each sales page should include a headline, overview, benefits/ features, how it works, testimonials, pricing, a guarantee, and a call to action. Having these segments on your website will help to engage the customer, and to give them the most information possible when making a decision on your product.

Before any of this happens though, it's crucial to come up with a way to keep them intrigued with your website. The average person only spends about 10 seconds on a website before they decide to leave the site or continue reading it. 

One way to do this is by providing a captivating headline that pulls them into viewing your content. This will grab the attention of the customer and most likely will result in a longer engagement on your website.

Also, if you are marketing for a local audience, it would be beneficial to include the location of your business in the headline so it is clearly displayed that you are local to the targeted customer. This will help your website show up easily when someone nearby searches for a product or service that you offer. 

Another useful heading could include something that makes your business look reliable, or involves a solution to a common concern that the customer might have. For example, instead of “Columbus Dog Kennel” you could turn it into “Most Trusted Columbus Dog Kennel”. 

To compliment your heading, you can then make a subheading that relays off your headline. For example, “Most Trusted Columbus Dog Kennel” as the <h1> tag, and “Leave Your Pet with the People Columbus Trusts the Most” as the <p> tag.

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If the customer had any concerns in the past about an untrustworthy kennel, the headline already addresses the fact that your kennel is trustworthy. To back this up, include high rated reviews so that the customer can be assured that what you have in your headline is accurate. 

After this you may want to add a benefits section but without titling it just as benefits. Provide a feature headline that can also be a selling point such as “Fast and Reliable Service”. 

This will continue to engage the customer and may provoke them to read further into what your business offers. This will be formatted as an <h2> tag. Under this headline insert a quick description of your product or service that easily displays the benefit and gives a more in depth insight about what you are selling. 

Once the customer has an idea of what you offer, they should be inclined to begin the process of choosing your business. 

Offer an easy and transparent walk through of the next steps to take in the purchase process. 

Being straight to the point will help the customer easily get to purchasing your product. 

Give a testimonials section to highlight any valuable reviews so that the customer can see that other people have been satisfied with your product. 

Then, be straightforward with the product pricing section by displaying it as a pricing headline. Show the breakdown of pricing, or offer a way to receive a quote. You can also provide a guarantee section to subside any more doubts that the customer may have about the product. 

To wrap it all up, add a call to action at the end. If your customer has fully engaged with your content by the end of the page, they most likely will be interested in choosing your company for their business. Display a closing such as, “Feel free to contact us today!”, include your contact information, and even provide a way for them to message you from the website for any inquiries. 

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