February 19, 2021

Reaching Out for Backlinks: How to Ask Bloggers for Backlinks

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Reaching Out for Backlinks: How to Ask Bloggers for Backlinks

72% percent of polled Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists believe that backlinks significantly impact ranking results

In a digital landscape tilting towards mobile-first, your content has to rank top on a customer's search. Backlinking is a popular strategy firms use to generate inbound traffic for high-quality leads.

If you are looking to grow your content’s authority, here is how you can successfully seek a backlink from a blogger you trust.

Develop a High-Value Resource They Can Link To

When you are looking to build out your backlink strategy, you have to begin with the fundamentals.

A backlink, when done right, is fundamentally an asset that contributes to a particular platform. It can help build the domain authority of a company’s website.

As such, a backlink needs to carry a value that the blogger you hope to reach out to will find attractive.

One way to tap into this insight and successfully get a backlink is to create a high-value resource the blogger you are targeting can link to.

Some ideas for resources you can put together include:

● Comprehensive studies

● Infographics

● E-books

● Online courses

To make this a desired resource ensure that it either carries new insight or offers unique advice. It should also deal with an in-demand topic within your niche.

Once you have this covered the next step is to identify a post or page that would derive clear value from the resource you've just created.

An excellent way to determine this is to ask yourself if the audience would derive a superior benefit that can be meaningful to them.

The answers to that question will form a basis for the message you will use to reach out to the blogger you are targeting. Be as brutally honest with yourself as you can here for best results.

Having a high-value resource is the foundation on which the rest of your backlink strategies will build on. No one will want to backlink to a site, post or other resources that add no value to them.

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Build a Superior Version of What They Are Already Linking To

While you are planning on how to best reach out to the blogger you desire, have in mind they are already backlinking to other resources.

A wise alternative to attract their attention is to craft a superior version of what they are already backlinking to.

If you already have a particular blogger in mind, you want to seek backlinking from, scour their content to see who they are already pointing their outbound links to.

Check out the resource that the backlink source has to learn its unique selling point.

If you do not have a specific blogger you want to approach, you will have to employ a different strategy. Assess the competitors in your desired space and check out which bloggers are backlinking to their material.

Once you have identified the existing sources for their backlinking, you now need to examine each resource for potential weakness critically.

Some aspects you can investigate to find ways to improve upon are:

● Design of the article or resource

● How current the information contained in the resource is

● The length of the resource

● How thorough the resource is in covering the topic at hand

When you identify what aspects you can build upon you will then be able to craft a superior resource. The blogger you wish to target will spot the difference and take a look at your request.

Don't Spam Bloggers in Your Quest for Backlinks

No matter how badly you desire backlinking from your targeted bloggers do not spam them. There is a fine line between persistence and spamming. You should have a clear sight of it.

Top rated bloggers receive tons of spam from those who want them to backlink to their material but did not make the cut. If the blogger you want to work with turns you down be gracious and accept their decision.

If you have the occasional update you would like to send to them that's okay. But refrain from communicating such updates every week unless they expressly request that you do so.

Endless emails once the blogger has made their decision known to you is not only annoying and harmful for any future business, but it is also illegal.

In the European Union, the 2018 GDPR classifies such emails as a violation as does the 2003 CAN-SPAM Act in the U.S.

The same goes for when sending mass emails to potential targets at once.

Predict the Blogger's Needs

Every blogger has a slew of topics that they plan to approach. A blogger worth their salt probably has a content calendar to help them plan on production.

One way to get their attention is to create a resource that can come in handy when they are preparing material on a particular subject.

Essential to this strategy is making sure that you deliver the resource while they are still in production for backlinking to make sense.

But how do you get to know when is the right time to send it and what topic to touch on?

Anticipate what they can potentially be posting about in the future by looking at their pre-existing content. Assess the subjects they have touched on in light of their audience to have a feel of what related topics they might consider.

Once you identify some probable topics, you can then go ahead to create a valuable resource on that.

When you reach out to them touching on your resource, odds are that it may line up with a post they plan to work on. It will then be possible for you to get backlinking on that topic.

Get the Highest Quality Links

Backlinks can work wonders in growing your ranking score. However, you need to make sure that you are linking to top bloggers.

Just remember to be courteous and respectful. A good strategy coupled with proper etiquette could go a long way in getting you quality links.

Dot The i Creative is a top-notch provider of digital marketing services. Talk to us today to find out how we can help you up your SEO game for a higher ranking.

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