June 2, 2021

Why Trying to Rank your Homepage Shouldn’t be a Priority (And What to Focus on Instead)

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Why Trying to Rank your Homepage Shouldn’t be a Priority (And What to Focus on Instead)

One of the most common mistakes when utilizing SEO is optimizing the homepage. Some businesses want to rank every keyword that they can to improve their rankings, but in reality your homepage cannot rank for all of them. 

Our example below shows exactly how messy it can get. This business owner started out listing one or two services on the homepage, but as they grew they started to add more and more keywords to the page structure. It gets confusing really quick, and that’s exactly how google views it too.

If Google is confused on which keyword to rank, their AI could potentially end up not ranking either. When this happens, you will usually see a page to begin to rank, but then become replaced by the second page, resulting in not fully optimizing either page.

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This is a screenshot from Ahrefs (an SEO tracking tool). Each color graph represents a different page on the site.

We recommend developing different pages for each desired rank topic. Utilize your homepage for your brand voice and overall category, but then specifically rank each page for the desired keyword relating to the page. This will help direct the customer straight to the page of the specific product or service that they are looking for. 

You can also use your homepage to pass link juice to your various product pages. You can build up links to specific pages by utilizing call to actions to draw in potential customers on your homepage. This will provide links from your homepage, as well as external links to your more specific pages. 

Looking to build out product pages or properly optimize your website? Dot the i Creative can help! Our SEO and Web Development team will work together to unlock the traffic floodgates and help your website pages to rank higher. 

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