July 29, 2021

Wordpress Pros & Cons: 7 Reasons Why Webflow is Better!

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Wordpress Pros & Cons: 7 Reasons Why Webflow is Better!

39% of all websites on the Internet use WordPress. While it may be a familiar platform, there are better solutions out there for creating websites. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the differences between WordPress and Webflow.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free open source software. This means anyone can download and use it to create a website. It’s been around since 2003 and is one of the most well-known website builders out there. As part of their mission, they believe that software should work with minimum set up so you can focus on sharing your story, product, or services freely. All that is needed is to purchase a domain and hosting and Wordpress does the rest. So what are the pros and cons to using the Wordpress platform?

Pros of using WordPress

It’s a low-cost solution 

The design, development, and maintenance are relatively cheap. WordPress is a self-hosted platform which means it can be installed with any hosting provider. Since the cost of a domain and hosting are reasonably low, WordPress is a good option for us to minimize upfront cost.

A trusted name in the industry

People tend to gravitate towards WordPress simply for the name itself. The platform has been around for nearly 20 years and is often linked to the idea of creating a website. With so much brand recognition, there’s no surprise that over a third of all websites on the Internet use WordPress.

Best for blogging

WordPress actually started as a blog platform. By using it, we get a blog by default. It also offers a range of blogging functionalities such as tags, plugins, widgets, categories, and more. 

However this is a good segway into the cons of Wordpress, as this blog-first platform can be a blessing and a curse.

Cons of using WordPress

Tricky to use if expanding from blogging

While the blog-first nature of WordPress makes the blogging process seamless, what if you need an online shop for your website? While there are plugins like WooCommerce that allow us to turn a WordPress website into an eCommerce platform, it can be tricky to customize and use. The last thing we want is for something to go wrong for a potential customer trying to checkout an item from your online shop.

Open-source software

While open-source software is great for its low cost and easy setup, there’s always a chance your website may get hacked or break in some way. Resolving these security issues can be complex and expensive. 

Messy code

When using a theme on WordPress, it tends to create bloated code on the backend which could make your website run slower, create errors, or crash completely. All of which can lead to Google not ranking your site high in search, a higher bounce rate (the rate at which a user visits and immediately leaves your site without taking any other action), and long-term retention.

Constant updates

While the use of plugins allows us more functionality and customization for your site, this also means you need to be mindful of updates once the site is completed. Since WordPress is a software, it also has its own updates. Between the two, there is a chance something could malfunction. Whenever you update a plugin or the WordPress software, there is always a risk of an error that causes your site to be down for a while. Sometimes a simple update can drastically change your website appearance or functionality, and it may take time to troubleshoot and resolve, which could ultimately cost you money.

You have to use a theme

WordPress utilizes themes to display websites. While there are thousands, if not millions of WordPress themes available for free and to purchase, this does come with its limitations. Customization of themes is possible, but it requires advanced coding to manipulate the theme. 

Lack of design customization

One of the biggest cons of WordPress, is the lack of flexibility when it comes to design. Since we need to use a theme with WordPress, it’s difficult to build your design from scratch. What WordPress provides in ease of use and setup, it lacks in flexibility and customization.

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What is Webflow?

Webflow is known as the no-code visual website builder. But it’s not just a web design tool, it’s also a CMS and hosting platform. The Webflow Designer empowers Dot The i Creative to build professional, custom websites in a completely visual way. Essentially, we get the best of both worlds. We get the advantages of using a visual editor with the added flexibility of creating a completely custom website from the ground up.

7 reasons why Webflow is better than Wordpress

1. More Productive

Webflow allows design and development to happen at the same time. This lets us get your website up and running more efficiently and quickly. 

2. Better Security + Hosting

Because Webflow does not use plugins, there are no regular updates for them. The updates that Wordpress constantly requires are the biggest vulnerability and increase the risk of different cyber attacks. Alternately, SSL comes standard on Webflow because it is a web host as well, making Webflow sites secure. SSL certificates are required by Google to rank in search results.

3. No Plugins Necessary 

Webflow does not need plugins. No need to download bulky plugin files, or to update them constantly. We do not have to worry that too many of them will slow page speed, or create that security risk. 

4. Distinctive 

Web pages can be designed and developed in Webflow without using templates. Everything in Webflow is fully custom, which means we can bring your vision to life without obstacles or limitations of themes. You can decide on a web design that will create validity for your business and increase results.

5. Faster Speed

Webflow uses a CDN (content delivery network) which will make your page load fast no matter where the customer resides. Webflow Hosting gives access to the fastest and most scalable hosting technology for your business. When you choose a Webflow site, your files are distributed across the globe in a CDN powered by Amazon Web Services. This allows for quick page loads for all visitors and ensures that you have a greater chance to get better Google ranks as well.

6. Flexible CMS

Webflow CMS creates flexible content collections (blog posts, customer info, etc.) We can create distinctive pages that will include all necessary details. In addition, we can add new CMS elements whenever you need them.

7. Easy to use

Once your website is complete, the Webflow editor is highly intuitive and effortless to use. You are able to change all the text, images and also add CMS items yourself so you don’t always need our help!  

Dot The i Creative is always there if you ever need help, or don’t have the time to add or edit content yourself. We offer affordable monthly web maintenance services to keep your site content and design current.

By utilizing Webflow, there is no longer a disconnect between the visual design and coding of a website. For years, the visual process of web design has been separate from the actual building of the site. Webflow allows us to create a beautiful, fast, reliable, and scalable website for your business, in less time.

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