Creating Brand Awareness with Social Media


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The Client

Minuteman Press Dublin

Who Is Minuteman Press?

Minuteman Press Dublin is a printing company offering a wide variety of print and marketing solutions to businesses, as well as individuals. Located in Dublin, Ohio, Minuteman prides itself on being a local solution offering the best service and highest quality. They believe in people, and understand that human connection is the key to happy customers. Minuteman makes a point to invest in their community and strives to be the best local printing solution for area businesses.

The Problem Presented

MinuteMan came to DTi wanting to get that message across and increase brand awareness and traffic to the website. They planned to do this using social media, which is a great tool for this purpose. They needed to reach more people, drive up their engagement, and overall increase their content views on Facebook and Instagram. We began managing their social media, creating strategic posts and interacting with their followers regularly.

Dot The i Creative’s Solution

Over the last year we have increased their followers 30% and their reach by 727% through a wide range of organic posts and paid social media ads. We have also helped them go from no interactions on their post/account to having regular engagement from their audience. Engagement increased 101% and clicks are up 104%.The social media ads allowed us to really hone in on their local audience and build a rapport with them, emphasizing Minuteman’s values of community and relationships. Businesses want to work with partners they can trust, and focusing our strategy of building these relationships ultimately lead to more business for MMP. 

Video content has also played a major role in expanding their brand awareness and with the help of our DTi Creative team,we have skyrocketed their organic views from virtually none to over 5k in the last year. 

Creating Brand Awareness with Social Media
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