Decreased Cost Per Conversion

The Client


Who is PacSun?

PacSun is a national retail company that started as a surf shop in California. Today it sells casual apparel, footwear, and accessories. As of 2020, it operates 400 stores in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. It also operates a distribution center in Groveport, Ohio.

The Problem Presented

The PacSun distribution center needed to recruit a large number of candidates for its Holiday seasonal warehouse work. Throughout the country businesses are struggling to find employees across all industries. Added to that challenge, the United States is facing an unprecedented supply chain disruption. That meant that PacSun and many other retailers may have a shorter Holiday window to move their product. PacSun needed an aggressive strategy to fill its open positions.

Dot The i Creative’s Solution

With a short launch runway, we developed and implemented a Google and Microsoft ad campaign to attract individuals interested in warehouse jobs. We launched the campaign in September and only had 25 conversions. But by October the results had multiplied and jumped to 143 conversions. After the first month’s optimizations, we have also seen the ad groups have less clicks, but more conversions which has driven down our cost per conversion.

Decreased Cost Per Conversion
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