Gaining Ground While Changing Business Focus

The Client

Flagler Clean and Seal

Who Is Flagler Clean and Seal?

Flagler Clean and Seal is a full service brick, stone, and paver restoration, cleaning, and sealing company. They work in the Northeast area of Florida and specialize in that humid, damp climate. They take on a variety of projects from basic paver sealing to more challenging cleaning and restoration projects and everything in between.

The Problem Presented

Flagler Clean & Seal decided to change their focus as a business from power washing to paver sealing and restoration. They had a great reputation in their geographic area, but they needed to change their messaging on their website. And then they would need to do some marketing to get the word out about their new service and drive traffic to their website.

Dot The i Creative’s Solution

We started by designing a new logo for their business. The logo reflects their quality products that seal with strength and protection. Next we re-designed their website with the new focus of paver sealing and restoration. For our website design approach, we used a simple 3-option navigation and focused on calls to action on the Home Page.  Their new site is fully optimized with well-researched keywords implemented during web development.

While we were working on their new website, we updated their listings and optimized their Local SEO. When their new website launched, they immediately started to receive leads. Their new site started working for them right out of the gate. They are growing their SEO ranking organically and have gotten several new clients.

With a strong foundation in place, Flagler Clean and Seal is reaching new customers through Paid Search and Display Ads on the Google and Microsoft Network. At the beginning of the campaign we struggled to get traffic to the site for the paver sealing and paver cleaning search campaigns as it’s so niche. To boost traffic and help massage the ad algorithms, we implemented display campaigns. By doing this we were able to optimize better for search campaign results to ultimately increase conversions. Our result after 4 months is a 30% improved conversion rate.

Gaining Ground While Changing Business Focus
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