Leveraging Reviews and Web Design to Become a Local Staple


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The Client

American Moving & Storage


Who is American Moving & Storage Solutions?

American Moving & Storage Solutions is a family owned, Central Ohio moving company. American Moving & Storage prides themselves on their level of customer service, and not being a one size fits all solution, making them one of the highest rated movers in Central Ohio. They offer residential and commercial moving services, along with secure long-term or short-term storage solutions.

The Problem Presented

American Moving & Storage Solutions was operating almost solely based on referral. They were highly rated on platforms like Yelp, Google, and Angie's List, but their website was extremely basic and had little SEO (Search Engine Optimization) value. They wanted to raise the performance and status of their website to match the level of service provided and start using it to drive conversions, rather than continuing to rely only on referral traffic.

Dot The i Creative’s Solution

Dot The i Creative started from scratch with the website design and development. There was little value in what existed already. The new site is clean and easy to read at a glance. It focuses on attracting attention to the calls to action, while making them unobtrusive at the same time. This is accomplished by having quick estimate forms, referrals to sister websites, and the menu positioned live off-screen and only appearing when a trigger is clicked. Menu positioning in this manner enables the calls to action to be as small as a button. Then we used color and styling to make them stand out, saving space but still accomplishing the goal. A home hero section video loop was shot and added to continue the theme of adding motion to the site, and a blog section was added to help drive consistent content and raise SEO (Search Engine Optimization) value. 

Since our initial SEO and Local SEO adjustments, we have helped AMSS to rank for crucial keywords for which they were previously not getting traffic. In a saturated market our team increased organic page rankings against national brands and helped to put AMSS on the map for localized searches such as Columbus Movers, Moving Companies Columbus Ohio, and Movers Columbus Ohio. We also shifted how customers are finding AMSS’ GMB listing (through service categories over searching directly for their brand) and as a result have increased the total monthly search volume from a few hundred to 7000. This has also positively impacted customer actions like website visits, calls, directions, and listing views on Google Maps.

The AMSS sales process was very manual and labor intensive before DTi stepped in to assist. It was time consuming and didn’t allow all their team members to contribute when needed with sales. Our team relished the opportunity to streamline their sales funnel by automating many of their processes in the SharpSpring marketing automation platform. We were able to take their existing process, tweak it, and ultimately free their team up to focus on their moves rather than following up with customers. With this new tool, their team only needs to enter in the basic information of a lead and use a tag to automate the sales opportunity and correspondence. We even created personalized dynamic emails that fill in with content based on the type of move being requested.

"Our new website is a customer converting machine! In addition to building an effective website, DTi has developed a process to quickly and accurately provide quotes for all new customer inquiries."


You can run all the digital marketing in the world, but in the moving industry, a big chuck of business still comes from word of mouth referrals. Not only do reviews help improve SEO status, reviews make great content to share on social media and give validation to your business. Because AMSS is a small company, they don’t have time to follow up or manage listing responses, so we stepped in to help. Our review management software pulls all the important review listings into one place and integrates with our marketing automation platform, which automatically sends out review requests to customers once they move. If a customer is not happy and provides a low star rating, our team is able to mitigate the issue and prevent it from showing on the web. Our team also monitors and responds to reviews for Todd and his team, effectively taking it off their plate. We also send monthly overviews that allow Todd and his team to see how AMSS reputation is faring across all his business listings.

The AMSS team knows how important it is to have a presence on social media but are not users themselves, so they needed professional help. They were not looking to completely drive sales directly from social, but rather strategically use each platform to support their SEO efforts and expand their footprint. Our DTI team was able to jump in, create, and optimize their accounts. Then we started publishing engaging content. Since the start, we have increased their followers by 88% and their website referrals by 64%.

American Moving and Storage Solutions did not have any kind of recurring content attached to their website, so just as with many of Dot The i Creative's clients, we provided some initial, evenly spaced blog content after the launch of their newly redesigned website.

Leveraging Reviews and Web Design to Become a Local Staple
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