February 19, 2021

Staying Trendy: The Top Web Design Trends of 2019

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Staying Trendy: The Top Web Design Trends of 2019

If you want to stay trendy...be like everybody else. This sounds like a piece of contradictory advice because the first thing we think of when we think of “Trendy” is something different and special.

In order to be “Trendy,” you need to follow a trend, which means you have to look like everybody else. If the trend is towards a VR integrated website, then you can hardly be called trendy if your website still uses a single-template simple design. Here are some of the most common web design trends.

Web Design Trends Are Still “Business as Usual”

One of the odd things about top design trends is that most online articles claim that vibrant and bold colors are a big hit in 2019...but they are not. In fact, most websites are sticking with neutral colors and understated designs.

With the exception of a few children’s websites, things are still running as “Business as Usual”. There are no bold or vibrant designs taking the online world by storm...but, why is that?

The reason is that fewer and fewer websites are becoming single-use websites. Unless it is a website created by a couple for their wedding, most websites demand that the visitor returns at least two or more times. We all know how distracting a website is when it is vibrant, loud and bold, ergo, websites opt for an understated and neutral design.

The trend is still very much about being subdued and easy to digest. Webmasters want their content to shine brighter than their web design and website layout.

Designs Based Around Voice Control

Many modern graphic design templates have to accommodate the heavy use of voice commands. This may not be one of the best trends for website design. It can become restrictive, nevertheless, designs that accommodate voice control are becoming increasingly trendy.

They are especially popular with companies that are trying to future-proof their websites, which is not always a great idea.

It is always better to frequently update your website (both content and structure) because it helps you stay on top of bugs, especially bugs born from the use of improving technology. It also helps you jump on and exploit trends as they happen rather than trying to lay the groundwork before said trends occur.

Designing to accommodate voice control will get easier. Do you remember the days when designers used to struggle to design responsive websites that worked just as well for desktops as they did for mobile devices?. Going even further back, creating a logo that fitted within the web design was like fitting a honey-covered-jigsaw-puzzle piece into an almost completed jigsaw.

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The Use Of 3D Swipe Technology

One of the newest emerging technologies is 3D swipe technology. This is where the user is able to take a product or image on his or her phone, and then look at a 3D image of the product that one may move around by swiping the screen. It is almost as if the product is hanging in midair. Moving it side to side or up and down enables the user to rotate the image via the X-axis or Y-axis.

This trend is very well received since designers have found ways to ensure a poor Internet connection doesn't affect the quality of the image or the smoothness with which it swipes/moves. Plus, 3D swipe technology works very well on modern mobile phones.

The only problem with 3D swipe is that it takes a lot of work. The product needs to be photographed, and then modeled, and then skinned, and then entered into the 3D swipe program.

Until photographing, modeling, and skinning becomes far easier and cheaper, we are unlikely to see a great deal of 3D swipe technology apart from when dealing with high-end items.

Homepage Videos That Loop

This trend from 2017 still continues. People are adding short videos to their home page and having them run or loop the same way that some websites have images loop or blog post images loop on the home page. If you have the Netflix app, you will know that they ran with this idea in a big way, and it is ultra-annoying when you are trying to find something and they have videos auto-playing.

One of the most popular uses of this video homepage design is by Answer The Public, which embeds a Wistia video into its home page. Even though it is a popular website, it is angering to the point where most red-blooded men want to slap the glasses off that smug guy’s face. He stands there and silently mouths that you should hurry up, and then the video repeats over and over again, which almost makes it more annoying.

The use of homepage videos has become more popular since we are past the days of homepage videos having to buffer. These days, they run as quickly (maybe quicker) than a GIF animation.

You do not have to use low-res images or videos, just so long as they are short enough to loop nicely and are not so short that they stutter when they reset. The best ones have a seamless loop where the last frame’s endpoint is the same as the first frame’s start point.

Conclusion - Stick With What You Know

The year 2019 is a great year for web design trends because nothing has hit the scene with a smash. For example, all websites are not converting to VR in the same way they had to convert to responsive websites just a few years ago. All websites are not suddenly using animation or dynamic designs.

Current trends have simply followed on and matured from previous years, which means being trendy is simply a case of ensuring your web design matches up (in quality and performance) with all your competitors. There is no need to make a splash, and no need to upgrade your technology in a big way.

Now that you understand the current web design landscape, it is time to start thinking about web marketing, branding, and backlinks. If you are interested in learning what works and what doesn't, then read the DTI Creative blog.

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